Commercial Refinance


Commercial Refinance Loans have long been our specialty. There is no limit to the amount of cash you can take out with a refinance. While we mostly handle loans above $100k we can also assist clients who may be looking for a smaller amount. Our commercial loan programs entail many property types such as industrial, office, shopping centers and all types of mixed-used locations. Our guidelines are never set in stone but you will be looking at up to 60% LTV with a term of anywhere from 1-3 years. Foreign nationals are ok and we never have upfront lender fees.


Commercial Refi Loans In Texas

You may be wondering by consumers turn to our commercial funding programs when there are numerous other loan terms and direct hard money options available to them. Well, as we all know it can be hard to be in a position where you have good to decent credit. It can also be tough to time your business profits to where a large bank or traditional lender needs them to be.

Commercial hard money is definitely more detailed than what you see with residential loan programs. Get approved for a refinance on your business loan With residential financing programs, your lender will focus long and hard on the overall qualifications of the borrower. Do they have good credit with the ability to pay back the loan? Will they be on time with monthly payments? All those questions are critical with traditional financing applications but they mostly go out the window when you’re talking commercial refi.

For the most part, we’re going to focus on the individual property details. How much money is the property generating on a monthly or yearly basis? Is there anything wrong with the property, both physically or financially that could cause issues down the road? We will consider all these factors when we underwrite your application for a loan.


Funding For Commercial Refinance Loans

We work with many commercial property holders all throughout Texas who can’t obtain funding through traditional means. To be able to underwrite and process a direct hard money commercial loan takes expertise and patience and we’re here to help you from start to finish. While finance rates with this type of refi are going to be high, they generally reflect what you see in the current lending environment in Texas. You will also see a short lending term with this type of financing. Average monthly terms will start at 6 and go all the way up to a few years. Contact us to get started with hard money lenders Texas. We’ll go the extra mile to get your loan application approved.